Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kayak Instruction STAR kayak fishing team

I was honored to be invited to be a member of the  Kayak Instruction (a Jackson Superstore) STAR Kayak Fishing Team! To date we are the largest Jackson STAR fishing team and are continuing to grow. If you would like to demo a Jackson Kayak just let me know and I can get you set up. I am so excited about this opportunity to represent Kayak Instruction Inc. and Jackson Kayak.
Here is the link to the team http://life.jacksonkayak.com/jerryhamon/2012/04/25/meet-the-kayak-instruction-star-kayak-fishing-team/
Here is the link to Kayak Instruction http://www.kayakinstruct.com/

GoPro mounting points on the Cuda

I decided to install a couple of GoPro fixed mounts on the Cuda. I will also be using a head mount, hand held pole extender and a suction mount. If you havent looked into the GoPro cameras you need to head over to http://gopro.com/ and see how awesome they are. They are so versatile and rugged for action sports, I cannot say enough amazing things about them but you should check them out for sure. I will be posting fishing videos on here using the GoPro HD Hero2 in the very near future as well as reviewing their many accessories.

Cuda Rigging

I decided to make a few changes to the Cuda, I didnt like the way the rudder was secured for transportation. I found that if the wind got underneath it, it would lift up and tend to sway to the left or right. Cudadude came over and we secured it in a unique way.
Next was the anchor cleat. It needed to be out of the way in case of reentry to the kayak and also I plan to install a trolley system in the future so it needs to be out of the way. Theres a perfect spot on a bulkhead right down next to the seat. It can be operated with 1 hand and its out of the way.

The center hatch is huge and I like to store my paddle and tackle boxes in there but I needed a way to secure them so they dont slide around. Cudadude came up with this ingenious idea to keep everything nice and neat. Theres room for at least 2 more boxes in there, maybe more.

And last but not least, the Texas Kayak Fisherman Forum and GoPro sticker mod.

Bear Creek

Myself, Cudadude, and Lasthurrah decided to fish Bear Creek which feeds into Benbrook Lake. This was the maiden voyage for the new Cuda and it didnt disappoint. It performed flawlessly and the rudder is a must have for drift fishing. I was able to drift and fish while never touching the paddle using only the rudder to point my craft in whatever direction I wanted it. I didnt catch any fish but Lasthurrah caught one, no worries though, it was a great day of fellowship for 3 friends. Cudadude wanted to ride it back to the launch point and needless to say a week later he purchased one for himself!

New Cuda!

Well, after much deliberation I decided to purchase my own kayak and chose the Jackson Kayak Cuda. http://jacksonkayak.com/ This craft is amazing! The fine folks at Jackson really listened to kayak fisherman when designing this craft. It has 8 built in rodholders, a huge center hatch, 3 seating positions, rod tip cover and tackle stagers to mention a few. I decided on the Yellow Jacket color scheme and its gorgeous!

Benbrook Lake

Cudadude got a Tarpon 120 so he let me take it for a spin on Benbrook Lake while he paddled his Tarpon 140. We had an amazing time and I finally caught a fish in a yak. It was the only fish of the day but we both hooked into a few others that spit the hook before we could pull them in. We launched down at Mustang Park.

Aquilla Lake

For my first kayak fishing experience Cudadude let me borrow a yak and took me to Aquilla Lake. He tried to warn me that I would be bitten by the yak bug but I had no idea what was in store for me. We had a blast! Cudadude caught 1 small Sand Bass and I got blanked but I had the time of my life. I made a new friend, had awesome fellowship with him and was hungry to go back out on the water. The feeling of being so close to nature right on the water was incredible. Some of the locals were there checking trot lines and let Cudadude pose with their take.

Who am I and what am I doing here?

This will be my personal Kayak Fishing Blog full of photos and videos using my GoPro Hero2 camera. I am an amatuer fisherman in North Central Texas and a member of the Kayak Instruction (a Jackson Superstore) STAR Kayak Fishing Team paddling a Yellow Jacket Jackson Cuda Kayak.